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  • Are You Looking for a “locksmith near me”? Watch out for this

    Locksmiths are in demand. According to the Google keyword planner, there are nearly 50K monthly searches in the UK for the phase “locksmith near me”.

    While this is encouraging for the legitimate locksmithing business, there is a legitimate concern with scams that are taking advantage of people who need this service.

    Needing a 24-hour locksmith is rarely planned. When you need a locksmith it is often an emergency. Thus, you want to find a locksmith near you as fast as possible. Often, time is of the essence and that lowers your defenses, making you come to a hurried decision.

    A deceptive act that was taking place in recent years, known as “the locksmith scam” preys on this chaotic decision making. The scam is set up so that people think they are choosing a locksmith that is local but isn’t. 

    This could lead to delays that aren’t caused because of traffic but for the reason that the locksmiths aren’t actually located where they said they are. 

    In some cases, the individuals on the other end of the line aren’t even locksmiths. Rather, they are call centers that are selling the leads of the people in need throughout London and the UK. 

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    How Can a Locksmith Make You Belive He's Near By? 

    The “locksmith near me” scam manipulates the location system on search engines, primarily Google. 

    The way this scam is done is by advertising a large number of false locations there are “located in” in google maps. This puts the results in many different locations on the map (pinpoints) and is usually stuffed with fake reviews. 

    This means, essentially that you do not know where the Locksmith is really coming from, or even who they really are. 

    Although Google has been taking drastic steps to eliminate this phenomenon, fake listings still do appear on the engine's search results.

    Worse than legitimate Locksmiths manipulating the system are call centers that do the same thing. These call centers are not Locksmiths at all. Rather, all these centers do is sell leads. 

    When this happens, if anyone even shows up, you have absolutely no idea who is showing up at your home or car, where you are already in a state of panic.

    How to succeed in hiring a locksmith near you?

    While it might not seem likely, there are, thankfully, many ways for you to succeed in choosing a good 24-hour local locksmith. Here are a few ways that you can test the person who picks up the phone to ensure you are dealing with a genuine local Locksmith:

    Verify the Address

    If you choose a locksmith near you from a pinpoint on google maps, the least you can do is to go to the locksmith website from that map listing and verify that the same address is displayed on the contact page in their website. 

    If the address is different, there’s no address in their contact page at all or there’s no website linked to the listing, avoid contacting this locksmith!

    You can also verify the address of the business by calling the locksmith and asking for it. Once the Locksmith provides their address, check it against the search results. If it is not the same, question them about it. (After all, a legitimate local business will have no problem explaining the discrepancy, as they probably get the question frequently.)

    Check the Reviews

    Another good course of action will be further to go through the locksmith’s reviews. 

    If all reviewers have posted 1-2 reviews, there are no reviews from “local guides” or all reviews looks too good to be true, these are signs that might indicate you’d better stay away from getting in touch with the locksmith. 

    Know the Service You Need

    A “full-service” locksmith might not always be available. After all, locksmithing is a skill that has a lot of different uses and disciplines. 

    Therefore, even a legitimate 24-hour locksmith simply might not offer the type of service you need at the time you need it. That is why you need to know what exactly is the work you require. 

    Here are some of the most common service needs that Locksmiths in London could provide you with:

    • Lock opening - Open doors, locks or any locked device.  

    • Lock Fitting & Replacements.

    • Lock repairs.

    • Door Installation and Repairs.

    • Safes Services (opening, replacement, repair)

    • Burglary Repairs.

    • Security Systems – Installation, Replacement, and Repairs. 

    Choose the service that suits you most and look for a 24-hour locksmith that provides exactly that. 

    Ask for the Full Legal Name of the Business

    A legitimate local business is going to have a legitimate name. 

    The business should have no problem giving the name of their business, as even the full legal name is not a secret. They want you to know they are who they say they are.

    Alternatively, a business with something to hide will likely give a generic name. If this happens or if the person on the phone hesitates to give you a name, you should probably call another locksmith.

    Do Your Homework

    Of course, it is difficult to do your due diligence when you are in an emergency situation. “Cowboy locksmiths” prey on this moment of weakness to take advantage. 

    However, if you remember these tips to finding a legitimate Locksmith near you, nothing should stop you from choosing a great locksmith service provider. 

    It is always best to be on your guard, regardless of who is coming to your aid.

    By being smart and asking the right questions, you can have a quick, courteous, and successful experience with a local Locksmith. 

    Why Should You Choose a Local Locksmith

    Now that you know how to stay on the safe side when you are searching for a 24-hour locksmith near you, here are the main reasons it is important to choose a local locksmith:

    1. A Quick Solution: The first and most obvious reason you might need a local locksmith is to get a quick solution to your problem. If you are locked out of your home or car, even if there is nothing inherently dangerous about the situation, you want the control to be restored immediately. Therefore, getting a local locksmith to gain access to your property as quickly as possible is paramount.

    2. Maintaining a Local Reputation is Key: Even if you live in a big city (like London), word of mouth can be far more valuable (and often more accurate) than online reviews. Therefore, if a locksmith does service a town, they are going to want to preserve their reputation locally. That means, they will do whatever they can, within reason, to help solve your problem.

    3. Potentially Cost-Effective: Getting a local locksmith is potentially more cost-effective than using a locksmith from farther away. The reason for this is two-fold. The first is that if the business doesn’t need to travel far, the cost might be less for time and resources. The second is that, as a local business, owners tend to want to keep the people who are truly local happy. That means they might adjust their prices to make their business the obvious option for local residential and commercial clients. 



  • The cost for a locksmith to open your door

    The cost of hiring a locksmith for opening a door lock can vary wildly depending on your location, the time of day and apart of unlocking your door, what the other issues (like repairing or changing the lock) you may need them to resolve.

    All of these factors should be taken into account and will be covered in this article.

    But first,

    Let’s have a look at some estimates of how much a service for simply opening your door is likely to cost you in London, UK.

    Generally, the cost of opening a door starts from around £60, but the price can change depending on the type of lock, the type of door and all of the other factors that are motioned above.

    In addition to this, sometimes a locksmith has multiple locks to open on the one door. In this case each opening of a lock might cost you extra and the higher security locks are, the more it can add to the final charge.

    Typically, a London locksmith would charge you around £120 for opening a door that has 1 simple lock and 1 high security lock.

    Here are ballpark figures of how much unlocking a door in London should cost you.

    • Prices are exclusive of VAT.

    If your lock had to be destroyed during the process of opening your door or if for any reason you need the lock to be changed, the labour for replacing the lock and price of a new lock might be added to the bill.

    Opening a door and changing lock

    The basic cost for opening and changing a simple lock cylinder starts at around £85 and could rise to around £120 depending on branding and type of lock.

    Listed below are the ballpark figure prices that you could expect to pay for a locksmith to provide you with door opening and replacement of different locks.

    * The prices are exclusive of VAT and referring to standard locks and lock-out situations.

    In the event of high security locks or unexpected issues, prices might change to reflect the scope of work.

    Most often the locksmith will simply change your lock rather than trying to repair it (just isn’t cost effective). However, if for some reason lock is going to be repaired after opening the door, the lock repair will add to the cost as well.

    The cost of opening a door and repairing the lock/s

    The cost of opening a door and having its lock/s repaired starts at around £90 for simple door locks and £120 for more complex ones. During working hours.

    After hours it could be hard to find a locksmith that will provide you with a repair as most locksmiths would prefer to replace your lock.

    What else affects the price?

    Reasons to why prices may vary:

    The brand. Some brands are just more expensive than others whether that’s a straight up quality thing or just because they are a “popular” brand name.

    The standard of lock. This is about quality and recognition; recognition that the lock conforms to British Standard or not. BS3621 Locks and other British standard locks are relatively more expensive.

    Location. In some areas locksmiths services are more expensive than in others. And London is just very expensive (sorry Londoners!).

    Work Time. The longer it takes to complete the job the more it’s going to cost you.

    Distance. If you’ve chosen a locksmith who need to travel far away to reach you, it comes with a cost. So always choose local.

    VAT. If the locksmith you reach out to charges VAT this would add to the price as well. Verify with the locksmith whether they charge VAT on your call to him.

    Things that effect the price to watch out for

    Hourly rates

    Hourly rates vary with London and rural areas being at the top end of prices. A good ballpark figure is £65 per hour (£75 in London). Many locksmiths will charge less from the second hour onwards however; they may say the first hour is £65 and then £35 per hour thereafter. This is pretty common practice. That said most jobs can be completed inside the hour.

    Night Time Emergency Locksmiths

    You should expect to get no change out of £80 per hour when calling out a locksmith out of hours (£95 per hour in London); in fact, the rate may be higher again after midnight and on the weekends. In some cases you might want to try and get hold of a key or even sleep the night at a cheap hostel and call a locksmith the next morning to save on cost.

    In cities like London, you may incur increased charges because of the congestion charge and cost of travel too.

    Mortice locks

    Mortice locks can incur a higher charge because they are trickier to open than a standard euro/rim cylinder. If you have a deadlock installed take into consideration in advance that the price you’ll pay will be relatively high.

    uPVC and Composite doors

    If your door has a basic cylinder these can be quick and easy jobs to get done. In cases of high security locks and doors however, the work can become complex and incur higher costs. Make sure to explain to the locksmith the exact type of locking system that you have and agree on a fixed price in advance.

    Multiple locks on the doors

    Most doors are simple to unlock but invariably they will have two locks or more, which takes more of the time and expertise. If the locks have to be damaged that will be double the replacement costs too. So again, discuss and agree with the locksmith on a fixed quote in advance based on your situation.

    Lost keys

    The cost of replacement keys is depended on how many locks are being replaced and also how many copies of each key that you need. When a lock is going to be replaced it is wise to let the locksmith know how many keys you’ll need before they come as the majority of locksmiths won’t have the ability of duplicating keys on site.

    The Price of Different Locks

    We’ve spoken about how the type of lock can affect the price of the job; here’s there a little more about the actual locks prices.

    How to keep the costs under control

    Firstly, remember that you’re dealing with a highly skilled tradesman and often during unsociable hours, so be realistic when negotiating. Beyond that:

    • Get three different quotes where possible.

    • Provide the most accurate information that you can upfront so a realistic estimate can be produced; don’t underplay the issue.

    • Check online for price comparisons and recommendations.

    • Ask if VAT is included.

    And remember that you aren’t necessarily paying for the time taken to complete a job; you’re paying for the years of experience, expertise and sometimes the circumstances (e.g. if you’re locked out a 2am).

    If you’re locked out and need a door opening service in London contact London 24 Hour Locksmiths right now.



  • Should you change the locks when moving to a new home?

    Did you know that, according to, 58% of people don’t change the locks when they move into a new home?

    We find that to be an absolutely shocking statistic and changing the locks really should be a top priority when you move in to any new home or office.

    You may well have lots of things to consider, it’s a busy time after all, but you can’t afford to let this one slip your mind. Let’s have a look why it is so important to change the locks when you move into a new home.

    Is it really worth the risk not to?

    In short, no it is not. Changing your front and back door locks should be one of the first jobs you get done when you move in. Think about it this way: a home is the thing that you’ll probably spend the most money on in your lifetime and it houses you and your family which are your most priceless commodity;

    do you really want to take the risk that someone else has keys and therefore access to your property?

    We guess not.

    But not only that. There are another number of good reasons to change your door locks when moving and one of them is for insurance purposes.

    Invalidated Insurance

    Not many people realise that not changing the locks can invalidate your home insurance.

    You can have no idea how many sets of keys are in circulation; you can’t assume that they have all been accounted for and handed over with the purchase of the property. The landlord of a property only have to change the locks on a few occasions and in most cases if they don't have to they won't change the locks.

    Learn more about the landlord - tenant law regarding changing locks in the UK.

    If workmen or a cleaner used by the previous owner burgles your property using an old set of keys it can mean any insurance claim would be invalidated if the insurer finds out. And trust insurance companies to know their game.

    The vast majority of insurance companies insist of seeing evidence of forced entry before they even consider paying out on a claim; someone with a set of keys certainly will not meet this benchmark. Another thing they may ask for is some paperwork that shows your locks were actually changed when you move in. They will also verify that all your windows have locks on them so that’s a thing to consider regardless.

    Another thing the most if not all home insurers will want to see evidence of is that you have specific British standard installed on your door.

    British Standard Locks

    The vast majority of insurance policies state explicitly that your locks must comply with the British Standard 3621. If your locks don’t comply with these standards it’s time to change them right away; if your property is an older one your locks are more likely to be non-compliant so be doubly vigilant in checking them.

    Professional locksmiths can provide you with an advice on British Standard Locks for homes in London and the UK. Contact London 24 Hour locksmiths in Greater London or different locksmith companies in your local area to make sure you're changing your locks with genuine British Standard locks that suits your actual needs. 

    The key considerations

    We’re hoping by now that you can see or at least are starting to see the importance of changing the locks when you move into a new home. But if you still aren’t completely sold on the importance of this here are some other key considerations.

    • How many previous occupants has your property had?

    • Has it been rented out or rooms sublet before?

    • When were the window locks last changed?

    • Have keys ever been given to a cleaner?

    • Have keys ever been given to a tradesman?

    • Has another third party ever looked after the property?

    • Has every set of keys categorically been collected and accounted for?

    It is reasonable to accept that you may never know the answer to all of these questions; in light of this not changing your locks is a genuine risk. Just one unaccounted for key could lead to damage, theft or harm to your loved ones. Something that is obviously worth preventing at any cost.

    Shared Access Properties

    If your property has shared access it’s always a good move to have open dialogue worth your neighbours with regard to security concerns and measures. It’s good practice for locks to be changed at a shared property every five years. So speak to your neighbours and see if this has happened recently. You may need to liaise with a freeholder and it’s a good idea to engage with your freehold landlord early on in your relationship. It may be that you have to deal with an external management company so be sure to get their contact details and keep a record of conversations had.

    Should you “DIY it” or hire a Locksmith?

    Well, in short, you should hire a professional. Given what we’ve said previously in this article about how important it is to get security right on your property, the last thing that you want to do is fall at the final hurdle because of shoddy, haphazard workmanship.

    Locks are relatively inexpensive pieces of kit, so paying a little extra for a qualified, quality locksmith to do the work for you really is not a huge expense. Changing a lock should normally cost around £100-150 all included (labour, locks, etc.). A locksmith can help you to avoid the cheap and nasty end of the lock market and ensure that you have appropriate kit installed; high quality rim and mortice deadlocks are normally the locks you should reach out for.

    Don’t take any chances with your new home’s security; When you first move to a new property is the best time to sort out the replacement of your lock.

    If you’d like to know more about the lock replacement process or looking for a London locksmith to help you with replacing locks at home, London 24 Hour Locksmiths is available to guide you further.

    We can provide you with any information related to locksmithing, locks doors and home security services. Working as London Locksmiths for over a decade we are familiar with the Greater London area and the requirements involved with changing locks in London.

    Contact our London Locksmiths 24/7 at 020 8123 8060.



  • 10 most frequently asked locksmithing questions

    At London 24 Hour Locksmiths we do everything to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.

    To help you get to know what our service offers, here we gathered some of the most frequently asked questions about our London locksmith service.

    1. How can I pay the locksmith service?

    We accept debit/credit card, cash and Bacs payment. You don’t have to pay anything in advance but only once job is completed on site.

    2. How quickly your locksmith can arrive?

    Our locksmith can attend to anywhere you are in Greater London in under 30 minutes. On traffic times there may be some delays that could extend your wait to up to 45 minutes.

    3. Can you unlock a door without damage?

    In most cases we will be able to unlock your door without causing any damage to the door or the door lock. If your lock is faulty or a high security lock there may be a chance that damage will have to be caused to the lock in order to unlock it.

    4. What type of locks can you service?

    We can help you with the unlocking, fitting and repair of all any type of door, window, cabinet or mailbox lock. We deal with all popular and less popular brands like Yale locks, Chubb locks, Master Locks, Banham locks, Mortise deadlocks, Rim locks, Euro profiles and many more.

    5. Do you repair and fit doors?

    Yes we do. If you had a burglary or need to replace your door for any reason, we can do that for you at even the same working day. If you have an issue with a broken door at midnight one of our professional London locksmiths can attend at your premises within 30 minute to secure your door for the night so you can sleep in safe. The next morning one of our door fitters can attend at your place to replace the door if needed so.

    6. How much would your service cost?

    The job rate will be determined based on the scope of work.

    Our standard labour rate is £55 for attending and your property and resolving any basic door or lock issue. In more complex situation the locksmith will inspect the issue on site and provide you with a competitive quote for the task at hand. If for any reason at any given time you choose to not go ahead with the job once the locksmith is already at your place the only thing will charge will be a cancellation fee of £30 for the locksmith’s transportation costs and time.

    If you cancel a job before the locksmith arrives at your place there will be no charge to you whatsoever. With affordable labour charges and locks starting from only £20 you can trust a cost effective London locksmith service. Please note prices are exlusive of VAT.

    7. Are your locksmiths certified?

    In London and the UK there isn’t such thing as a locksmith license. The are however certifications that provided by bodies like the Master Locksmith association and the UK Locksmith association which we are registered with.

    8. Is your locksmith service insured?

    Yes. We hold a public liability insurance which is what your locksmith company should have. Our insurance covers any 3rd party damage of up to 2 million GBP.

    9. Can you rekey locks?

    Yes. Rekeying is changing a lock pin or lever combination so that you can use it with a different key than the one you currently have (or don’t have). Our London locksmiths can rekey almost any type of lock. Having said that it’s almost always cheaper to replace a lock than have it rekeyed, so bear this in mind when making a decision about whether to rekey your existing lock.

    10. How can I know your locksmiths are legit?

    All of our locksmiths are being interviewed thoroughly. We check every locksmith for having no criminal past so that you can be sure that only trustworthy tradespeople attend at your London property. If you have any doubts about our locksmith, you can always contact our office and verify his credibility. To further assure your satisfaction check our reviews online.

    London 24 hour locksmiths look forward to provide you with the best locksmith service in London.



  • 10 Most Common Types of Lockout

    Being locked out can be one of the most frustrating things that can happen to you. That feeling of being so close to being inside your home or place of work, yet being unable to gain access has people tearing their hair out.

    Here we’ll look into the most common types of lockouts, how to deal with them and how much you’re expected to pay should you have to call a locksmith to help you out of the situation.

    Let’s get started.

    The Nature of Lockouts

    There can be many causes of a lockout; you could have lost your keys, forgot your combination, the lock could be faulty, you could have snapped your key in the lock or even just a plain old “I didn’t pick my keys up” moment. Whatever the reason is all you want to be able to do is get back into your property as soon as possible.

    Have you been locked out?

    If you’ve been locked out it’s probably time to call an emergency locksmith.

    Genuine emergency locksmith should be available 24/7 for callouts and you can expect most to arrive within 30 minutes of your call.

    Are you locked out and need an emergency locksmith for your lockout in London? Call now 020 8123 8060.

    Let’s have a look at some common types of lockout.

    Front Door Lockout

    This is by far the most common type of lockout and the real bread and butter of emergency locksmiths. Any emergency locksmith worth their salt will look to use non-destructive methods first, but it may be that the only way to gain access is to drill the lock which may affect the service cost as well due to the need for changing the lock. Rim locks and Mortice deadlock are the most common types of locks that are involved in a front door lockout.

    Time to resolve: Most front door lock outs are relatively easy to resolve and should take around 10-30 minutes;

    How to deal with a front door lockout: If you’re not an expert locksmith the only thing we will advise that you try before calling a locksmith is to use a laminated card (such as credit card) to slide in the latch. In this article about methods locksmiths use to open doors you can find more about how you can do that and other ways locksmiths will attempt to use for opening your door. Don’t however try anything you’re not familiar with as thing could do more damage and you might end up paying more for a locksmith to fix problem.

    Front door lockout cost: you can expect to pay around £60 for opening the lock at a basic front door lockout. Replacement locks and parts will come at additional cost. The cost of new cylinder locks would normally start at around £20.

    In the Ask a locksmith section on our site you can find some more advice about how to open a front door if the keys broke inside the lock, the door is stuck and more.

    Here: Amazing tips about how to deal with emergency lockouts by yourself!

    Interior Door Lockout

    I bet you’ve never heard of this one! It may seem hard to believe but interior door lockouts are more common than you think and can be among the most tricky to resolve. Interior lockouts generally occur when locking mechanisms become jammed or stuck and often they can take over an hour to break open as your locksmith will be extra careful not to cause damage to an internal door.

    Time to resolve: These types of lock outs are relatively easy to resolve if there is no complex issue with the lock and should only take around 10-20 minutes; however, if the lock is faulty this could lead to a lot of trouble and can take up to 40 minutes to resolve.

    How to deal with an interior door lockout: You can try using a screw driver or laminated card based on your lock. If the lock seems faulty this would again be a job for a locksmith to handle.

    Interior door lockout cost: you can expect to pay around £60 for the call, but parts tend to be cheaper ranging from £10 - £30.

    Cars and Vehicles Lockout

    The first type of lockout that we’re looking at isn’t a property lockout at all, but it is just as frustrating. Vehicle lockouts are common just as front door lockouts. They happen when keys are locked inside the vehicle, are lost, snapped in the vehicle’s door or being stolen.

    Time to resolve: Most vehicle lockouts are relatively easy to resolve and should only take around 10-20 minutes once the auto locksmith arrives.

    How to deal with a car lockout: Emergency locksmith specialising in vehicles is what you need to resolve an issue like this. If it’s an emergency (such as when a baby is locked in the car) you can smash one of the car’s windows (one far from the baby of course:) until the locksmith arrives. If you know how to open a vehicle by yourself, you can try that as well.

    Car lockout cost: you can expect to pay around £50 for the call out of a basic car lockout.

    Padlock Lockout

    These types of lockout can occur in a variety of settings. It could be that you are locked out of a shed or garden storage box, a garden gate or even something like a petty cash box. Often there is little that can be done other than to cut and replace the padlock.

    Time to resolve: Padlock lockouts should only take a matter of minutes to resolve;

    How to deal with a padlock lockout: If you have a grinder and know how to use it than cut off the lock carefully. Otherwise call a locksmith.

    Padlock lockout cost: You can expect to pay around £50 for the call out plus the cost of a new padlock (which you could source yourself for as little as £10).

    Electronic Lock Lockout

    Most emergency locksmiths can handle this type of emergency. The electronic smart lock market is a growing one and locksmiths have responded by becoming skilled in their repair.

    Time to resolve: These can be tricky to resolve and can take up to an hour depending on the brand of the lock;

    How to deal with an electronic lock lockout: This would require a locksmith. Don’t try to fix by yourself as you may end up ruin the lock and paying a lot for a new one.

    Electronic lock lockout cost: you can expect to pay around £80 for the call out plus parts.

    Safes and Vaults Lockout

    Increasingly people are turning to more sophisticated means of keeping their valuables safe and secure via the use of safes and vaults. This means that consequently, more and more people are finding themselves locked out of such contraptions! That’s where your friendly neighbourhood emergency locksmith comes in! Safe cracking isn’t just something for the movies; locksmiths are well-versed in this type of work too!

    Time to resolve: Safes lockout could take from around 20 hours up to a few hours to resolve. This would depend on how secured is the safe.

    How to deal with a safe lockout: lf it's just that the battery run out on your safe you can fins some guide online on how to open a safe. Otherwise a safes engineer or locksmith is the tradesman to contact.

    Safes lockout cost: you can expect to pay around £80 for the opening of a simple safe. More complex safes could cost a few hundreds to open. You may also need a new safe, so take also this into account in terms of costs.

    Locked Gates

    Locked gates to a garden or passage way can be a real inconvenience when you lose the keys or the mechanism becomes jammed. Whilst it isn’t a matter of great importance it can mean that you lose access to a garden and anything you need in that garden like a shed for example. Locksmiths can get you out of this pickle in an emergency.

    Time to resolve: Depending on the type of lock you have on your gate it can take from 10-20 min. and up to an hour to resolve.

    How to deal with a locked gate: Calling an emergency locksmith would be the best way to hanlde this one. Ulocking a gate yourself could be very difficult.

    Gate lockout cost: The cost for opening a gate will start from around £60 for a simple gate lock and up to £200 for gates with high security locks.

    Bicycle Locks Lockout

    Cycling is growing in popularity for a multitude of reasons including the healthy living agenda, success at the Olympics and as a greener alternative to travelling by bus or car. All of this means that there is more call for effective security measures for bikes and that means big business for emergency locksmiths! For cyclists, this can be as serious as getting locked out of your car or vehicle as it is often a means to get home from work or a social gathering.

    Time to resolve: Most bicycle locks are relatively easy to open and should only take around 5-10 minutes;

    How to deal with a bicycle lockout: If you have a grinder and know how to use it than cut off the lock carefully. Otherwise call a locksmith.

    Bicycle lock lockout cost: you can expect to pay around £50 for the call out plus the cost of a new device.

    Mailbox and Wardrobe Lockouts

    Yes, both of these are a thing! And what’s more, resolving these issues are just two other strings to any serious emergency locksmith’s bow. Probably something you have never thought about though right?

    Time to resolve: Most mailbox or wardrobe lock outs are relatively easy to resolve and should only take around 5-10 minutes;

    How to deal with Mailbox lockout: Mailbox lockouts could be fairly simple to resolve. You can try picking the lock or opening it with a screwdriver. If you're not comforable with doing it by yourself you can always call a locksmith.

    Mailbox lockout cost: you can expect to pay around £60 for the call out plus parts.

    School Lockout

    OK so this one isn’t a thing! Well, for a locksmith any way! This is just when the schools go on strike and there’s nowhere for your children to go. This type of emergency is easily recognised by the parents tearing their hair out and children climbing the walls!

    Not even a highly training, specialist emergency locksmith can help you out with that one I’m afraid; yep, you’re on your own!

    Have you been locked out?

    If you’ve been locked out it’s probably time to call an emergency locksmith.

    Genuine emergency locksmith should be available 24/7 for callouts and you can expect most to arrive within 30 minutes of your call.



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