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  • 11 Tips for Choosing the Best Locksmith in London

    The process of finding a London locksmith would be pretty similar to finding a locksmith anywhere else in the world. There will be however some differences that you should pay your attention to when looking for a locksmith in London. We’ll try to discuss most of those in this article. The major differences would be related to factors that can differ between a big city and a small town.

    When discussing the finding of a locksmith service we are referring to a search that will be mainly based online. Therefore, make sure you have a connection to the internet while going through the process. Also, the search engine you should be using for the purpose of finding a locksmith in London is Google. Other search engines might be suitable to search for locksmiths elsewhere in the world but for London Google is your engine.

    1. Knowing the task ahead

    Locksmiths in London vary hugely in terms of their areas of expertise and specialisms. Some offer key cutting services, some only work on domestic properties, some offer safe opening services and some work solely on vehicles. So from CCTV to lock replacement, you really need to have a good understanding of what you need and where to look for it. If you require more than one service, list all of your needs on a piece of paper. Once done with listing your needs start with the next step of looking for a business that provides them all.

    2. Finding your expert locksmith

    Now that you know what the problem is, it’s time to start trying to fix it! If you’re searching online for locksmiths you need to ensure that you are using the right keywords and phrases to get the best possible results. If you need a deadlock to be changes, search for “deadlock replacement in London”. If you’re locked out in the middle of the night search for “24 hour locksmith in London”.

    3. Need a fast response? Search local!

    If you do, searching for a locksmith in London might not be the best option for you. Try being more specific when it comes to location; whittle it down to “Hammersmith” or “Kew Gardens” etc. an “emergency locksmith in Croydon” will get to you a lot quicker than any generic London locksmith.

    4. Need a London locksmith late at night?

    Not all locksmiths work outside of normal working/office hours, so if you need a locksmith late at night or early in the morning you’ll need to search for a 24/7 London locksmith. If you search for an “emergency London locksmith” this might give you results for a locksmith that works as an emergency locksmith but only during day time. Here is some more about how to find an emergeny locksmith in London.

    5. Get a quote

    So by now you should have a bit of a shortlist of locksmiths to help you with your specific job. Cost is an important factor to most people so if you are speaking to potential locksmiths make sure that you get a quote and describe the job at hand fully so they can’t change you any extra; you don’t want any nasty surprises just when you think that the job is done.

    6. Cover yourself

    Not in glory, certainly not in custard. Make sure the job comes with a warranty. Any London locksmith worth their salt will offer a not questions asked warranty on the work that thy carry out for you; if they refuse this is a clear sign about the quality and durability of their work. If there’s no warranty, don’t use the locksmith. A standard warranty for works in the London locksmith market is usually for at least 1 year.

    7. Insurance

    Any reputable locksmith will have fully comprehensive business insurance; if they don’t, run a mile! The most essential one is a public liability insurance to cover 3rd party injuries. If the locksmith has an insurance that covers more than just that, even better!

    Other insurance can be to cover the damage to a property. If a locksmith damages your home whilst carrying out work they will claim on their insurance to cover any costs. Thus insurance is not only the sign of a reputable locksmith, but also a huge weight off you mind knowing that any damage won’t be an extra expense for you.

    8. Social Proof

    Looking for “London locksmith reviews” on Google can help reveal locksmiths that has positive or negative reviews. It is still pretty easy in 2018 to fake online reviews and therefore don’t treat reviews as a scientific proof. If the locksmith has only 5 stars reviews this may well mean that reviews are faked as well. Read through the locksmith’s reviews and get a sense of whether they seem real or not. You can do so by inspecting who left the reviews and if they seem like genuine people.

    9. Brand of products

    You should always check what brand of lock your locksmith uses. If they have a good choice and a wide selection this is a good sign as it generally means that they use the right type of lock for in the right situation. They aren’t interested in just selling the most expensive lock, they want to use the one which best meets the needs of their customers.

    10. Know who you’re letting in

    Always ask to see some ID; after all you are inviting a total stranger into your home or business. Always insist on photographic ID just to be doubly sure.

    11. And finally…

    …be nice! Locksmiths work very hard. Often during unsociable hours with little or no sleep. Therefore, try to understand if they’re being a little bit ratty. Any allowances like putting the kettle on would be super kind and might even award you with a fair extra discount; a nice cuppa goes a long way especially at 3am!

    Thanks for visiting out site. Feel free to get in touch for more helpful tips or anytime you need the services of an emergency 24 hour locksmith in London.


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