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  • 5 Best Places to find an Emergency Locksmith in London

    Calling a locksmith is the phone call that nobody really wants to have to make.

    If you are about to make this phone call you are most likely in an emergency situation. you might have locked yourself out or, worse, you may have been broken into. The type of events that nobody really wish to experience.

    Unfortunately, emergencies do happen; you often can’t prevent them, but you can prepare for the worst and “get all of your ducks in a row” so to speak. If you do however in the need for a 24 hour locksmith here are some of the best ways to find an emergency locksmith service. These are tips of finding a locksmith in London but can be used in most parts of the world.

    Find Locksmiths Online

    The internet is full of useful information; you can find reviews and feedback to make sure you’re hiring a reliable, professional locksmith. If you are using search engines to find an emergency locksmith in London make sure you search for one in your borough or locality as London is a big place. If the the locksmith is based in your area and not only serve your area, that’s even better.


    Tradesmen who get work via word of mouth are often among the best. Locksmiths are no exception; ask around. You can trust your friends and family to help you find the best emergency locksmith for your needs.

    Newspapers and the Printed Press

    It’s a measure of how serious and professional an emergency locksmith is if they are prepared to spend money on advertising; it shows that they have regular income, good cash flow and are serious about growing their business. The chances are they are driven and passionate about delivering a good service.

    Locksmiths Near Your Area

    You may be aware of locksmith services ran out of hardware stores or larger operations with commercial premises; it’s worth making a mental note of where these premises are or even picking up a business card for your wallet in advance. If you then experience any emergency this would be at your favour.

    The Emergency Services

    If you run out of phone credit the Police may call a locksmith for you. The Fire Service may even come out and break in for you if you are locked out at a life risking situation. Just bear in mind that fire fighters are not professional locksmiths! They will therefore likely to damage your door and frame beyond reasonable repair. So if it is not a life threatening situation you’re in never call anyone but a professional emergency locksmith. Replacing your door and frame is likely to cost 2-5 times more than to have your door opened by a locksmith.

    In conclusion…

    Emergencies happen; try to make sure that you are prepared. The tips above can help you do so.

    In any event when you need an emergency locksmith please feel free to contact us at London 24 Hour Locksmiths for a rapid response at best rates.


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