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  • Are locks the best door security device?

    What is a lock?

    A lock is the most common form of security hardware on both commercial and domestic property doors. It is made up of the components that for the latching mechanism. These components are generally the lock handles, deadbolt, latch bolt, strike plate, faceplate, escutcheon, turn button, thumb button, push button and trim.

    How can a lock help in preventing burglary?

    The installation of quality locks is a crucial stage in developing your approach to securing your home. Not all locks are the same; they certainly aren’t much of a muchness, so it’s important to understand the difference between different types of locks as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

    Here are some more ways you can improve the security of your existing doors.

    Popular Lock Types

    Electronic Locks

    Electronic locks come in a variety of forms. They can operate with electronic devices that are combined with locking hardware, with magnet locking systems and more.

    - Keypad locks that use a simple key pad.

    - Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) locks – Opens with a key fob.

    - Bluetooth enabled locks - relies on a Bluetooth signal to open the lock.

    - Biometric entry - Uses finger prints or even retinal scans to unlock the lock.

    Doorknob Locks

    These types of lock generally include a keyed lock cylinder and you probably have it in one of your current doors. These types of lock are extremely easy for burglars to bypass. This is why they should be only fitted on internal doors. If your front door has a doorknob make sure it is paired with a deadbolt as a minimum.


    This is probably the second most frequently used domestic door lock. These are the locks that lock by a metal cylinder being slid between two pieces attached to the door and the door frame. They are reasonably effective, but a persistent burglar could smash the doorframe to gain entry.

    Keypad Locks

    These locks often have similar locking mechanisms to other lock types, but with the added feature of keypad entry. There is often a keyed cylinder option with these types of lock too.

    Bar, Bolts and Chains

    Physical barriers like bars bolts and chains are useful additions to your locking choice to beef up your security measures. They can’t be tampered with from outside, but aren’t fool proof; you should not use one of these exclusively without a lock.

    Combination locks

    Combination locks require a code (usually four digits) to unlock the lock. They can be useful in conjunction with other solutions so long as you keep your combination secret and change it frequently. Digital locks and mechanical locks are the most popular types of combinations locks.

    Pin Tumbler locks

    A pin tumbler lock is a lock that uses a mechanism comprised of pins which are of varying lengths so as to fit one key only. They are most commonly used in cylinder locks but can be found in tubular pin tumbler locks (you may know these as redial locks or ace locks).

    Popular Lock Brands

    Let’s look at locks in a little more detail focusing on different brands to start with.

    Yale lock

    When most people talk about a “Yale lock” they are actually referring to a night-latch lock in the vast majority of cases. Yale’s long history of producing night-latch locks means that their name is synonymous with latch locks. Most Yale locks will meet BS 3621 and BS8621 standards.

    Chubb lock

    When people talk about a “Chubb lock” they are usually referring to a deadbolt type of lock (mortice locks). Chubb are another market leading brand of locks. The Chubb brand name was actually changed to “UNION” (of the ASSA ABLOY Group) in 2010 due to Chubb owner deciding not to renew the manufacturing of locks under the Chubb brand with ASSA ABLOY. The manufacturing of “Chubb locks” been going for over 200 years and have built a reputation of quality products. The Chubb brand name tied up with latches, mortice locks and cylinder locks. Their C Series of locks are particularly highly regarded.

    Banham Patent Locks

    Banham has some of the most secured locks in the UK (and worldwide). Banham pride themselves in their effectiveness in deterring burglars from entering your property; Except of their popular rim and deadlocks Banham is a manufacture of many home security devices. They cite their century of expertise couple with their use of modern technology. Banhams locks have earned the title of “Police Preferred Specification”.

    Master Lock

    Master Lock is a truly global and instantly recognizable brand. Their padlocks and security products have been available since 1921 and they are innovators to this day. They have a wide range of locking solutions in both the domestic and commercial arenas including key and combination options.

    Is lock really the best door security device?

    Well, the honest answer is yes and no. You just have to take a walk down any local street and you see that every home has a lock on their door; so in this sense, there is a case that they are. There is, however, a strong argument that for real security, the type that can give you piece of mind, you need to deploy a number of different security solutions to give yourself the best chance of keeping your property secure.

    Need help with deciding on which door lock would be best for your home or office security?

    London 24 Hour Locksmiths has a team of professional locksmiths and advisors that can help you make the right decision. Contact us now at 020 8123 8060.


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