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  • The 5 Best Electronic Smart Locks and How to Choose Yours

    At one time, electronic locks and smart locks were seen as a bit of a luxury; a niche innovation available to either the rich and famous or the technology obsessed. But you too could be opening your door with your smart phone or a fob; smart locks really are a great alternative for the security conscious among you that would like to integrate the latest technology on their home security systems.

    Some key factors that you should consider before purchasing an electronic lock are the usage requirements and the method of entry. Do you know who will need to use it? How regularly? Can you use a smartphone to gain access? Would you require it to be accessed with a card, fob, a biometric scan or maybe all of these together? These are all important questions that you need to be able to answer before buying your next smart lock.

    So, before buying your smart lock take the following 3 steps:

    1. Make a List

    Make a list of all the most important aspects you’d wish to get from you new smart lock. These can be factors like the design, how easy is to fit the lock, what technology features you’d like the lock to have, the price of the lock, etc.

    List your needs by which has higher priority and continue to the next step.

    2. Compare

    Go through your list of most important characters you’d like your lock to include and compare it with those of the locks in the list below.

    3. Buy with confidence

    Now after determining which of the electronic locks will best meet your needs buy them from somewhere you can trust.

    Since smart locks are not widely available at local locksmith and security shops yet, you’d may want to buy them straight from the internet. To make sure you buy your lock from a reliable source we’d recommend to purchase it from websites like ebay where you can view the seller’s score.

    Patlock Instant Smart Patio Door Lock

    These electronic smart locks solve an age old issue about securing the weakest point of entry. Often this is a pair of patio doors at ground level; it is a well-known fact that standard, two door French patio doors can be easily forced in under 30 seconds.

    Once fitted the Patlock keeps shootbolts and levers in the locked position meaning that even if the cylinder locks have been disabled from outside, the doors cannot be forced.


    - Mobile device – Can be carried and installed instantly on almost any patio door.

    - Adds Real value to the level of your door security - Highly effective as securing a traditional weak spot.

    - Upgrades the visual deterrent factor - no would be burglar would attend to force the patio doors of someone who has it.


    - The Patlock remains a secondary locking product and needs to be used in conjunction with standard locks on the doors themselves.

    - Some basic DIY skills may be required to set up the lock.

    - Clearly, this product is not designed for single doors.

    Ultraloq UL3 BT – Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless

    This is a seriously effective electronic lock available at a very reasonable price. It stores up to 95 different codes from 4 to 8 digits long and has anti-peep technology which means you can enter as many numbers before or after your code as long as you have entered the completed code.


    - This lock is incredibly easy to install; it really can be accomplished by anyone regardless of experience.

    - There are five ways to open the lock including smartphone, fob and biometric.

    - Reasonably priced at around £150 RRP.


    - The fingerprint recognition can be a little tetchy.

    - Moisture might affect the reliability of this electronic lock.

    - Has no ANSI rating.

    Kwikset Kevo Touch-to-Open Smart Lock

    The Kwikset Kevo Touch-to-Open electronic smart lock is a great looking piece of kit and certainly looks like a secure enough deterrent for any would be burglar; let’s have a look at how it shapes up.


    - Beautifully put together in size and aesthetics - comes in three different finishes (Venetian Bronze, Satin Nickel and Polished Brass).

    - Bluetooth enabled.

    - Compatible with smartphones.

    - Has touch to open technology and is third party friendly.

    - User can create as many “e-keys” for friends and family as you want via the Kevo’s app.


    - Takes some work to set up

    - Installation requires drilling - May require the help of a locksmith to install.

    - Although it has touch to unlock technology, it can be a little unreliable and the lock as a whole can be buggy at times.

    Shlage Lock Connect Century Touchscreen Deadbolt

    The Shlarge is one of the most highly rated, top selling smart locks out here and for good reason. Schlarge have an excellent reputation in the business and are known for producing quality products.


    - As with all Schlarge products, this lock is extremely well-made, durable and is pleasing on the eye without being the showiest looking product on the market.

    - Stores up to 30 personalised codes.

    - Uses z-wave technology to integrate with other devices.

    - Has keyless security.

    - ANSI Grade 1 - highest residential security and has an extremely durable touch screen.

    - Has an alarm which sounds if someone tries to disturb the lock.

    Out of these, the major benefit that jumps out is the security features; we believe this electronic smart lock out performs the others on the market in this respect.


    - For someone who isn’t used to this type of work, it can be a little difficult to install.

    MASTER LOCK Smart Padlock Bluetooth Outdoor

    The Master Lock 4401DLH is both durable and smart with its heavy duty rubber coating and smartphone/Bluetooth enabled features. Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages.


    - The body and shackle feel robust to the touch; reassuring to you and big deterrent to would be burglars. The anti-shim technology means it is extremely difficult to pull loose.

    - The app is very straight forward to use, easy to follow and works reliably.

    All in all this is a high quality padlock; it’s everything that you’d expect from a Master Lock.


    - The only big disadvantage is the price; but you do have to pay for quality.

    In summary

    You now have all the information you need to decide which electronic smart lock to buy. So as mentioned in the beginning - Make a list of your desired features, Compare your list to the features of the locks that are listed above and Make your purchase from a trusted source.

    We hope this would help you to make the right choice of your new lock.

    And contact us 24/7 if you need a locksmith that can supply and fit electronic locks in London.


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