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  • How to open doors locks and safes?

    Probably the most essential part of being a 24 hour locksmith is helping people with opening locked objects. By objects I of course refer to doors, locks, safes and everything else that could leave you wondering “why is it always happening to me?!”

    Well if it helps, this happens to almost everybody so that’s only a part in life and soon enough you’ll be over with whatever lockout you’re dealing with.

    In this post I’d like to share some more awkward ways to open stuff. Most of the methods you’d probably won’t be able to perform yourself in a matter of seconds, minutes, or even days, but hopefully it will give you some insights, be interesting to see and might even give you some idea on how to be creative about your lockout.

    If you’re looking for the magic tricks on how to open I’ll review these in our next post. For now, I would suggest that if you live around London and are looking for an emergency locksmith to help you with your lockout, check out the following page for a rapid 24 hour lock/door lockout service.

    How to open a locked safe?

    While some safes are nearly impossible to open without the right knowledge and tools, being smart about it could sometimes save the day. If it has an electronic keypad that went out of batteries you might be able to use a charger (e.g. like mobile phone’s one) to gain the power back, if it’s a small safe some have managed to open it with a crowbar. I even knew a guy that used his car jack. However if you’re not sure about don’t try anything that seems risky as a locksmith might cost a few quid but would surely save you a lot of health.

    Opening a locked door

    Well not all doors that are locked are actually locked. Sometimes they are just slam shut and good old tricks like using a plastic card or even your credit card might work (though it might destroy your payment card). I would suggest in this case again to be smart about it, try to find how you can compromise the door without damaging it. If it’s shaking while having some gap try to insert some small object between the door and the frame to move the latch open. If you have a key that won’t turn try to play with it a bit and put some moderate pressure to find the right position for it to turn. If you have a window you might find it easier to compromise the window, then your door (please don’t try this if you’re living above the ground floor). Be creative about it and think outside of the box.

    How to unlock a lock?

    Well again for locks as with safes, if you don’t have the right equipment and know how you’d be very lucky to force open. If it’s a pad lock with 3 digit combination then putting a bit of pressure on the lock and playing with the numbers might work. You can also try to make some picking tools out of a fretsaw (I actually managed to open a couple of locks this way when I was younger), trying to do the same with a hairpin might work as well but only if your first name is Macgyver or your forename is Norris :) You’d also need to practice this and when it comes to locks again, you’d better be very experienced or lucky to to it by yourself and best course as in most cases is to reach out the nearest local locksmith.

  • 4 Most Common Enquiries About Bedroom Doors

    We got clients asking us quiet a lot lately about how to deal with different types of situations related to bedroom doors and to emergency issues relating to bedroom locking issues. In this article we’ll try to shed some light on all aspects of bedroom doors, locks and what to do when you are at an emergency concerning these.

    Is there a difference between my front door and bedroom door?

    Your front door and your bedroom door serve different purposes. Your front door is primarily designed for security. It is thick with a solid core, durable and can withstand the elements. There is often a foam core for greater insulation as well as a fire-protective layer.

    Internal doors like bedroom doors are thinner. They are made with a single material and are usually hollow inside, making them lighter. The main function of a bedroom door is privacy.

    What type of lock should I install on my bedroom door?

    In general, bedroom door locks are cheaper but not as secure as the more robust exterior door locks. The best choices for bedroom door locks are tubular knob locks or mortise locks. Door handles are optional and will increase the cost.

    Our team of professional locksmiths at London 24 Hour locksmiths will be happy to help you find the right lock for your budget and answer any further questions you may have.

    Should I invest in a digital (keyless) lock for my bedroom door?

    There are advantages and disadvantages to using digital lock systems on your bedroom door.


    - A keyless lock means you no longer have to carry a house key around (or worry about being locked out if you lose it).

    - Digital locks use a passcode that can be shared with guests and visiting relatives.

    - Many digital lock systems can be activated via internet or Wi-Fi.


    - Digital locks can be expensive.

    - Most digital locks rely on batteries. Not all systems have low-battery warnings.

    - Potential electronic errors make digital locks less fail safe than mechanical locks.

    - May be more complicated to use than a mechanical lock.

    There are also hybrid systems that offer both a mechanical lock and a digital passcode.

    Find here some examples of mechanical and digital lock systems including prices and more.

    What is the cost of a bedroom door and how much would a 24 London locksmith charge to fit one?

    Generally bedroom doors are cheaper then front doors but it of course depends also on the quality and type of the door that you choose. In local stores across London (UK) the cost of a bedroom door would range between £55-120 for a standard door, while Front doors starts from about £75 and could climb up to a few hundreds. The cost for fitting a bedroom door would also depend on the time and urgency of installation. If you require a 24 hour locksmith to fit the door for you on a holiday or a weekend be prepared to pay a few hundred quid. If it’s at a reasonable time during regular business hours you could probably get for around £150-200 or less.

  • How to Immediately repair a door or a door frame by yourself

    Sometimes you just need to take immediate action of repair when you door or frames are damaged. Door and door frames are usually damaged due to a burglary or a break-in. In this article we'll try to equip you with some useful advice on how to secure your home should you fall victim to such a scenario.

    "Touch Wood".

    The first thing to do is assess the situation; check the access area and look to see how severe the damage is. You need to understand this as different types of repair require different material, skills and time to resolve. Is it just the door that’s broken? The frame too? What about the lock? You need to find out all of this out before proceeding. The time of day or night is important too; you’ll have more access to resources (and light) through the day. So a good tip is to have some supplies ready in a shed or garage just in case something like this happens.

    Fixing a split door

    First undo the handles and retaining plates and then remove the lock itself (keep these safe, in one place). Next clean any debris away from the split; wedge it open and use a vacuum cleaner if necessary to remove stubborn bits of debris.

    When clean, apply good quality wood glue and clamp the split together. Leave it for a minimum of 24 hours (or longer if the wood glue instructions say so).

    When set, redecorate and fit the door furniture.

    Fixing a broken door frame

    To do this you first have to remove any furniture such as the catch. If the hinges part is broken you might need to temporary remove the door (and hinges that are attached to the frame). After that it’s time to get the vacuum out again and clean the damaged area. Then apply wood glue, clamp in place and wait for the glue to set. Sand the wood down and repaint if required.

    For jobs that are just too big or complex for you to do on your own, you might need an emergency locksmith. An emergency locksmith can attend your property 24 hours per day meaning that you can have your door frame secure even at night time.

    If the damage does not need to be urgently repaired you may not need the services of a 24 hour emergency locksmith; you could just call a locksmith, a joiner or a carpenter and get better idea of what it would take and cost to repair the damage.

    Repairing it yourself can be a cheaper option, especially if you already have wood glue, clamps and other boarding material. If it’s during regular business hours you could buy the parts off a local diy or a locksmith store. People that stay in London might even be luckier to find traders that work until late or will come at an emergency to open the store especially for them. Find here some local DIY and hardware stores in London that open at flexible hours.

    If you instead prefer to let a locksmith do the job for you, in London you should expect to pay anything between £60-150 for the repair of a door frame and upto £300 if you need your frame replaced. Doors that are severely damaged and are beyond a repair condition might need to be replaced which could cost even more.

    Need a quote for a door frame repair or a replacement? Contact us 24/7

    Calling out a 24 hour emergency locksmith and particularly at late hours of the night middle will attract a call out fee with parts on top; it could be the most expensive option, but it’s also the only one in some situations. It always however worth getting the job done asap even if costs are slightly higher as a recurring burglary due to an unsecured access to your premises could cost both your valuables and your peace of mind.



  • Out of hour help with locksmith shops & services

    In many situations where you may require the service of a local locksmith it might not be an immediate emergency. In similar case scenarios such as when you need a lock change or a door fitted and could wait until regular opening hours of a locksmith shop that’s an ideal option.

    However, in some events it is not the case and this is when things might get a bit more complex. If you are a DIY person you can consider finding a local shop near you that is open until late, buy the material and complete the work yourself. Another option is to find a 24 hour locksmith around your local area and have them do it for you. Whether it’s because not many shops are open 24/7 (especially if you are living in the suburbs) or because you are not a DIY person and while the first option would be more cost effective, it may not always be available to you. If you wouldn’t like to carry out yourself contacting a 24 hour locksmith is obvious.

    In this article however we’ll try to provide you with some local local shops in London that are open until night, where you can buy locks and security products to do the job on your own. While most of these shops might not be open 24/7 we’ll try to focus on those that are available to you thorough most hours of the day (and night).

    We as London locksmiths, to buy locks we would normally turn to special merchant suppliers that deal with professional locksmiths companies. If you are an individual and this option is not available to you please read further to find local stores you could turn to in these types of situations.

    The first places you in which you can sought after locks and security products would be the major DIY stores. The merchants that sells locks at best prices, their branches around London and opening hours are listed in the following links:

    Screwfix – For locks tools and security products.

    Window Parts – For window and upvc door mechanisms, parts, etc.

    Codringtons – For special locks and security products that are not to be found elsewhere.

    For cutting keys – Some big supermarkets like Asda and Sainsburys has automated self-service facility for cutting keys. Other options for cutting keys in out of standard opening hours may include keys cutting services in malls such as Timpsons in Brent Cross Shopping Centre.

    If you require a locksmith service and do not wish to fix the problem by yourself or start looking for locks shop you’d most probably need the assistant of a 24 hour locksmith. If you need any help with choosing the right locking products or wish to get a professional locksmith to inspect your property for best security upgrades 24/7 please don’t hesitate to contact London 24 Hour Locksmiths on this page.



  • How to Deal with a Late Night Burglary in London

    It’s every homeowner’s nightmare; a late night burglary. That feeling of intrusiveness and helplessness; the anger and upset that come with the callous nature of burglary.

    But you have to keep a cool head and remain calm.

    Remember not to touch anything, especially the doors, windows and anything else appears damaged or disturbed. Firstly you don’t want to injure yourself which is easily done if there is broken glass around in particular. Secondly you don’t want to do any further damage to your property, and thirdly (and perhaps most importantly) you’d want to avoid contaminate or destroy any evidence.

    First Step - Call The Police

    Your first course of action should always be to call the police. They will want to take a statement from you so be ready to describe exactly what you remember and encountered. You’ll see now why it was important not to disturb the crime scene; often the police will sweep for fingerprints, shoe prints and other pieces of evidence. To report a crime to the police in London, UK you can call 999 if crime is happening right now or 101 if the crime has already happen. People with hearing difficulties can also report by text message to 18000.

    Calling a locksmith for a 24 hour Burglary Repair

    When the police have gone and they have all of the evidence from the crime scene that they need, you should call an emergency 24 hour locksmith immediately. You have to secure your property and a local London Locksmith near you is your best option. It’s always best to go local (search for locksmith near me”) as they know the area and can be with you quickly. If you call a locksmith near you, they can not only get to you quickly, 24 hours per day, but they can also return at a later date or time if further repairs or installations are needed. An emergency locksmith will often make a “running repair” to your property; something which secures it to enable you to return or remain in your home. If the damage is extensive or to a complicated piece of hardware often they will return at a later date or during daylight hours if the burglary happened at night.

    Changing Locks

    Any emergency locksmith worth their salt will recommend a change of locks following a burglary; often thieves will steal keys or take impressions and if the entrance to your property was non-destructive that could mean that your lock was able to be picked. Locks can be damaged too and if this has happened your 24 locksmith should replace the lock.

    Extra Security

    Ask your locksmith to also assess your current security measures; if you’ve been broken into once it could happen again so an upgrade to your defences may be in order. Security grilles, CCTV and alarms are just some of the options that will be available to you. Find more in this link about how to improve the security of your premises.



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