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  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Wood Door Security

    London is a home to many properties that has wood front doors. Wood can be fairly easy compromised which makes tenants vulnerable. In this article we’ll have a look at some ideas for security items that would help you reinforce your wood doors and protect your home.

    It’s important to try and secure homes against burglaries. If you do that in advance you are less likely to incur the costs involved in hiring an emergency locksmith.

    Most of the features below you can buy and Install yourself. You can also get a 24 hour London locksmith service to supply and fit these security products for you.

    Security Gates

    Security gates are by far the most effective way to protect your door and home from burglaries. Things to note with security gates are:

    1. Due to regulations in different areas and boroughs of London these aren’t always option.

    2. Of all the door security fittings, gates are the most expensive option.

    Modern Security Products

    There quite a few new security devices that could help with securing your doors. 2 examples for such devices are the Haven and Barracuda. Although each has it’s own pros and cons and that similar devices may not always be available in the UK you can get these items from the internet and have a local locksmith fit them for you. You may also look for similar items that are sold by your local security experts.

    Contact London 24 hour locksmith for an advice on modern door security devices that are available to you in London.

    London Bars

    When wooden doors are kicked in the frame could split and allow the burglar an easy access to your property. When this happens it won’t matter how good are your locks or door. London bar is a metal bar that installed along the frame side and help in preventing the frame of splitting. Police and crime prevention specialists would recommend the use of a London Bar in this instance to reinforce the area around the lock; this added level of security is extremely effective.

    Birmingham Bar

    A Birmingham bar is very similar to a London Bar and is also for the purpose of reinforcing the frame. The only difference is that Birmingham bar is fitted to the hinge side and the London bar is fitted to the lock side.

    Kick Plate

    Kick plates work by eliminating the weak points associated with bog standard strike plates; they reinforce the door jam and can still be installed if you have multiple locksets. They will fit both right and left hand doors and most will withstand up to 1000 pounds of force.

    Design-wise they are often tapered and are painted in a variety of colours to seamlessly fit with the look of your property.

    It’s important to have a professional kick plate that is installed with 4 screws and nuts that goes all the way through the door. Cheap kick plate would not improve your door security but only seem as if they do.

    Door Chains

    Doors chains are very cost effective and are extremely quick and easy to install. They allow you to check who is at the door before opening it; If anyone tries to force open a door that is secured with a door chain it would also make a loud noise which can alert neighbours or passers-by. These however are only effective when you’re inside your home.


    Peepholes are another effective security feature when you are in doors. The great advantage of these is that you never have to open the door to see who is outside. They provide panoramic views so it’s difficult for people to hide and there are even “virtual peep hole” systems these days; a series of camera which feedback to a display screen.

    The 24 hour locksmiths of our team can supply, install and give guidance on all types of home door and home security products. Call 020 8123 8060 to talk with a professional London locksmith 24/7.



  • What should I look for when hiring a London locksmith?

    First impressions Counts

    Go with your gut; generally your first impressions of someone are a good indicator so trust your instincts. When you are conversing with locksmiths, do they seem knowledgeable and professional? Are they kind and attentive to your needs? Go with someone who gets customer service right from the word go; you won’t go far wrong.

    When you ask a question try to get the impression if the locksmith you talk to provide you with a direct answer or if he tries to turn things around. Locksmiths that are confident in the service they deliver will give you a straightforward answer. Some very friendly locksmiths will even help you sort out the problem yourself, if they think it’s something you can do.

    Go local

    Don’t be averse to asking for their business address. You want to choose a locksmith that is local to you so they can respond quickly; knowing the area is important so you can access supplies quickly and avoid traffic black spots when on route.

    Some London locksmiths as in other cities around the world would have more than just one emergency locksmith working at a given time. Try to understand not only the actual address of the business but whether one of the locksmiths that works for the company is local to you. When they tell you there is a locksmith near you, ask for exactly where will the technician be coming from. As some will only tell you this to get you as their a client.


    Unfortunately, they do happen, so you need to make sure that your locksmith of choice is a 24-hour locksmith and located near you. If you’ve gone to the trouble of finding a trusted contractor the last thing you want is to be locked out at 2am and find that they don’t do out of hours work (when you potentially need them the most).

    Once you find a local locksmith that provides a 24 hour service, hold their contact close to chest. You can today actually only remember their name and look it up on the internet in case you ever need a locksmith sevice. However, since many locksmiths calls themselves with very similar names and you could find very similar domain names in different variations such as Locksmith24hourlondon, 24hourlocksmithlondon or; Make sure that you remember the correct name of your desired service provider.

    Do your checks

    Any reputable locksmith will be registered with the UK Locksmith Association or a local locksmith association like the MLA. Add added check you might want to ask for is whether the locksmith has a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, though this isn’t a real must.

    You can find out a lot about the services your locksmith provides online, but you can also find out what their previous customers thought of them in the form of online reviews. For more complex or intricate jobs you should ask for references from customers who have had similar work done; this will help you to make an informed choice. Focus on the neatness of their work, the reliability of the work and their timeliness and punctuality.

    London locksmith myths

    You’ve probably heard some of these at some point; so let’s bust some myths!

    “You should only use a police vetted locksmith” – You’ll be looking for a long time then, because there’s actually no such thing as a police vetted locksmith! At least not in London or anywhere around the UK.

    “You should only use a certified locksmith” – Professional registration is not mandatory in the UK so whilst it’s a plus to be registered, “certified” really is the wrong terminology because membership of professional bodies is voluntary and not assessed tightly. Moreover some of these organisations certifications’ are acquired by a payment only. So not even a locksmith course or any professional education is required.


    The aim of this article was to give you enough knowledge to make an informed choice when choosing your locksmith; follow these tips and you won’t go far wrong.

    If you need more advice of our London 24 hour locksmiths, feel free to contact us.

  • How to Secure your Commercial Premises

    It's so important to be able to properly secure your commercial premises and keep your valuable assets safe and secure. But security isn't just about locks and keys; there are many ways in which you can make your premises secure and some of them don't cost a penny!

    Here are 10 ways to improve the security of your commercial premises:

    1. Assess the Risk

    This should be any business owner's first port of call. Try to identify any weaknesses, talk to your staff and be aware of your environment and local area; being diligent will ultimately help you to keep your business safer. Call a local locksmith that specialise in commercial premises’ security to get an advise on what improvements you can make at your place to make it safer. You don’t have to invite the locksmith over but can make a phonemail to start of and ask the locksmith to attend only if necessary.

    2. Entry Points

    Know your entry points. These aren't just doors; they include windows, cellar doors, ventilation shafts and a whole host of things just waiting to be discovered! Knowing all of the places that an unwanted visitor can enter your property is the first step in preventing them from gaining access. Some of these entry points you can block yourself by buying material like wooden boards, a hammer and nails at a local hardware store.

    3. Use your Perimeter

    You can use your perimeter to deter intruders. A building with fences, security lighting and/or a secure car park gives off the right message to intruders: don't mess with us! Show them that you're serious before they even think of entering.

    4. Know Who's Who

    And this means staff and visitors alike. When you're recruiting staff carry out background checks and take multiple, recent references. A signing in book is another way of keeping track of visitors and staff without having to watch them every minute of every day. You can also get a locksmith to install code operated lock to allow access only to those you’d like to.

    5. CCTV is your Friend

    Quite simply, CCTV and alarms are an absolute must for any serious business if your want to protect your assets. They are a deterrent when publicised and can help identify and ultimately catch anyone silly enough to attempt to break in. When it comes to alarms, change the code regularly and certainly when a member of staff leaves. In London you could buy cheap alarms at DIY stores or get a local locksmith to install them for you.

    6. Cyber Security

    You need to ensure that your premises are protected against cyber attacks. You can do his by investing in high quality anti-virus and firewall technology, but also by ensuring that your employees choose strong passwords and change them regularly. Backups are a must too.

    7. “Double Locking”

    If you have valuable equipment or equipment that stores important information (laptops are a great example) it pays to lock them away within your property; we call this “double locking”. Often the items with the highest value or the riskiest information are the easiest to pick up and steal, so don't take any chances with these items. Also make sure that important items have serial numbers and that you keep a record of these.

    8. Don't be Shy...

    Most security equipment manufacturers are more than happy for you to advertise their wares so will give you posters and stickers to display; make sure you do this! Yes it's free advertising for them, but it's also a great deterrent to anyone wanting to gain access to your property illegally.

    9. Checks and PPM

    Regularly check your doors, windows and any other vulnerabilities you've identified and make sure that they are repaired and secured as soon as possible. Most alarm/CCTV contractors or locksmiths will carry out planned preventative maintenance (PPM) on a rolling basis for you; this is most definitely worth investing in.

    10. Preparation is Key

    Keep a full inventory including pictures, serial numbers and receipts for your assets; if you are the victim of theft or criminal damage a register like this will come in extremely handing when dealing with the police and insurance providers. It will also allow you to take immediate damage limitation like cancelling phone contracts for example.

    I'm sure you'll agree there's far more to security than locks and keys; hopefully you're on the way to securing your assets today!

    If you still struggling with feeling confident about your office security give our commercial London locksmith a call on 020 8123 8060.

  • How to open doors locks and safes?

    Probably the most essential part of being a 24 hour locksmith is helping people with opening locked objects. By objects I of course refer to doors, locks, safes and everything else that could leave you wondering “why is it always happening to me?!”

    Well if it helps, this happens to almost everybody so that’s only a part in life and soon enough you’ll be over with whatever lockout you’re dealing with.

    In this post I’d like to share some more awkward ways to open stuff. Most of the methods you’d probably won’t be able to perform yourself in a matter of seconds, minutes, or even days, but hopefully it will give you some insights, be interesting to see and might even give you some idea on how to be creative about your lockout.

    If you’re looking for the magic tricks on how to open I’ll review these in our next post. For now, I would suggest that if you live around London and are looking for an emergency locksmith to help you with your lockout, check out the following page for a rapid 24 hour lock/door lockout service.

    How to open a locked safe?

    While some safes are nearly impossible to open without the right knowledge and tools, being smart about it could sometimes save the day. If it has an electronic keypad that went out of batteries you might be able to use a charger (e.g. like mobile phone’s one) to gain the power back, if it’s a small safe some have managed to open it with a crowbar. I even knew a guy that used his car jack. However if you’re not sure about don’t try anything that seems risky as a locksmith might cost a few quid but would surely save you a lot of health.

    Opening a locked door

    Well not all doors that are locked are actually locked. Sometimes they are just slam shut and good old tricks like using a plastic card or even your credit card might work (though it might destroy your payment card). I would suggest in this case again to be smart about it, try to find how you can compromise the door without damaging it. If it’s shaking while having some gap try to insert some small object between the door and the frame to move the latch open. If you have a key that won’t turn try to play with it a bit and put some moderate pressure to find the right position for it to turn. If you have a window you might find it easier to compromise the window, then your door (please don’t try this if you’re living above the ground floor). Be creative about it and think outside of the box.

    How to unlock a lock?

    Well again for locks as with safes, if you don’t have the right equipment and know how you’d be very lucky to force open. If it’s a pad lock with 3 digit combination then putting a bit of pressure on the lock and playing with the numbers might work. You can also try to make some picking tools out of a fretsaw (I actually managed to open a couple of locks this way when I was younger), trying to do the same with a hairpin might work as well but only if your first name is Macgyver or your forename is Norris :) You’d also need to practice this and when it comes to locks again, you’d better be very experienced or lucky to to it by yourself and best course as in most cases is to reach out the nearest local locksmith.

  • 4 Most Common Enquiries About Bedroom Doors

    We got clients asking us quiet a lot lately about how to deal with different types of situations related to bedroom doors and to emergency issues relating to bedroom locking issues. In this article we’ll try to shed some light on all aspects of bedroom doors, locks and what to do when you are at an emergency concerning these.

    Is there a difference between my front door and bedroom door?

    Your front door and your bedroom door serve different purposes. Your front door is primarily designed for security. It is thick with a solid core, durable and can withstand the elements. There is often a foam core for greater insulation as well as a fire-protective layer.

    Internal doors like bedroom doors are thinner. They are made with a single material and are usually hollow inside, making them lighter. The main function of a bedroom door is privacy.

    What type of lock should I install on my bedroom door?

    In general, bedroom door locks are cheaper but not as secure as the more robust exterior door locks. The best choices for bedroom door locks are tubular knob locks or mortise locks. Door handles are optional and will increase the cost.

    Our team of professional locksmiths at London 24 Hour locksmiths will be happy to help you find the right lock for your budget and answer any further questions you may have.

    Should I invest in a digital (keyless) lock for my bedroom door?

    There are advantages and disadvantages to using digital lock systems on your bedroom door.


    - A keyless lock means you no longer have to carry a house key around (or worry about being locked out if you lose it).

    - Digital locks use a passcode that can be shared with guests and visiting relatives.

    - Many digital lock systems can be activated via internet or Wi-Fi.


    - Digital locks can be expensive.

    - Most digital locks rely on batteries. Not all systems have low-battery warnings.

    - Potential electronic errors make digital locks less fail safe than mechanical locks.

    - May be more complicated to use than a mechanical lock.

    There are also hybrid systems that offer both a mechanical lock and a digital passcode.

    Find here some examples of mechanical and digital lock systems including prices and more.

    What is the cost of a bedroom door and how much would a 24 London locksmith charge to fit one?

    Generally bedroom doors are cheaper then front doors but it of course depends also on the quality and type of the door that you choose. In local stores across London (UK) the cost of a bedroom door would range between £55-120 for a standard door, while Front doors starts from about £75 and could climb up to a few hundreds. The cost for fitting a bedroom door would also depend on the time and urgency of installation. If you require a 24 hour locksmith to fit the door for you on a holiday or a weekend be prepared to pay a few hundred quid. If it’s at a reasonable time during regular business hours you could probably get for around £150-200 or less.

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