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You’ve certainly come to the right site if you seek lock repairs in London or the nearby counties. We provide lock repair services to clients throughout London, and we can recommend and install locks for any use. Our locksmiths can help you with anything from putting extra locks in your home or garage to repairing the work locker you lost the key to last year.

24 Hour Emergency Lock Repairs

Emergency burglary repairs in London are provided by Locksmith London 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We keep costs low while maintaining great quality as mobile MLA approved locksmiths.

If you are locked out or unable to secure your lock and require an emergency locksmith, contact us for fast lock repair and lock swap services at competitive pricing.

Common Lock Problems

Some of the most popular lock issues that we have come across include…

  • The key has broken in the lock
  • Your key will no longer insert into the lock
  • Lock seizes up and won’t turn
  • The locking latch no longer turns
  • The locking mechanism has become misaligned

Should you be based in the London area and suffer any problem with your lock, please don’t hesitate to contact 24/7 Locksmith London.

Door Lock Problems We Fix

Whatever the problem with your lock, we can fix it! Call us for any of the following lock problems:
A new lock may be installed on:

  • Door not locking properly
  • Keys not turning in the lock
  • Keys hard to turn in the lock
  • Keys broke in the lock
  • Door sticking
  • Door alignment issues
  • UPVC door lock problems
  • Snapped cylinder locks

Types of locks that we can repair

As experienced lock repairers at 24/7 Locksmith London, we can repair most types of locks. Some of the most common locks we can repair are:

  • UPVC Locks
  • Wooden Locks
  • Composite Locks
  • Aluminium Locks

Should you Repair or replace your locks?

When locks are defective or broken, is it better to repair them or replace them entirely? Locks can often be fixed by making small adjustments or replacing the cylinder. If at all possible, locksmiths will try to repair the lock.

Locksmiths may propose replacing the complete lock in some cases, particularly when the lock is outdated and has a high risk of causing future difficulties. This option is only available if it is less expensive than repair or if you choose to upgrade.

We offer home and business lock repairs made by the industry’s leading brands. We also have the most extensive lock selection to replace a broken lock if necessary.

What will happen if my lock can’t be repaired?

If the lock can’t be repaired, then don’t worry as we also provide a lock replacement service. At 24/7 Locksmith London, we will always try our hardest to fix a lock in the most cost-effective manner possible. We have the correct solutions for you if you need to change your locks.

If your lock stops working, your keys are lost, or you need a lock substitution for any other reason, our professionals can assess your needs and recommend the most cost-effective and appropriate solution. One that satisfies both your needs and your budget.

One of our fully qualified London locksmiths can arrive at any location to replace your locks within 30 minutes. 24/7 Locksmith London provides emergency lock replacement services around the clock in London and the surrounding counties. Our lock change service is free of call-out charges.

We can change any lock—even locking mechanisms of UPVC doors, window locks, gate locks, code locks and more. For emergency lock replacements, contact us now on 020 8123 8060.

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Our Lock Repair/Replacement Services in London

Providing a fast lock repair, lock installation or lock swap service for domestic and commercial properties 24/7 Locksmith London are available at any time of day or night.

Door Lock Repair Service

A broken or worn lock can lock you out of your house and make it an easy target for burglars. It’s also possible for interior door locks to break down. You can rely on trained locksmiths to help you with lock repairs for your external and interior doors! We can handle all types of locks.

Residential Lock Replacement Services in London

Residential locks are available in a wide range of brands and styles. Are you looking to replace the lock on your bathroom door or the lock on your front door? Various circumstances necessitate various items and levels of skill.

Damage to the lock frequently requires lock substitution. Repairing the lock is sometimes a possibility. Occasionally, though, a total replacement is required.

Business Emergency Locksmith in London

Faulty locks can make it more difficult for you and your employees to gain entry to your building, waste time and reduce productivity, and lead to lockouts that can gravely harm your business. Qualified locksmiths will arrive at your business and repair locks quickly and efficiently to minimise the financial loss and stress associated with broken locks. 24/7 Locksmith London can repair all types of commercial locks.

How much does a lock repair/change cost?

The cost of repairing a damaged door lock is determined by the type of lock and the problem with the lock. It may be necessary to fix or replace it. Our skilled locksmiths will ask you several questions to determine the scope of the work needed and offer you an exact quote.

For lock repairs in London during office hours, you can anticipate spending about £70 labour + the cost of a lock (if a lock replacement is required) + vat. Emergency lock repairs will be more expensive if they are done outside of business hours.

Be wary of novice locksmiths who quote low, non-fixed costs and then overcharge on the final bill!

With our transparent fixed prices, you’ll know exactly how much your door lock repair will cost before you schedule. Whether you require a wooden, aluminium, or UPVC door locksmith, we can assist you. For a fixed, competitive lock repair quote, give us a call.

If a lock change is required, a cost estimate can most likely be given over the phone. If you can see the lock, we may ask for a few details such as the lock’s brand and type to provide you with the most accurate price possible. In addition to the cost, we will estimate the time for a technician to arrive and finish the job. For a lock change of mortice or sash locks on front home doors, we recommend using only insurance-approved BS3621 locks. Locks for indoor use can have different levels of security.

Why Choose Us For Your Lock Repair Service

We can repair locks of all varieties and styles since we are specialized locksmiths; no matter what door or window you have, we can fix it. For a free lock repair estimate, contact us today. When you need a locksmith in London or the surrounding counties, there are several reasons why you should choose 24/7 Locksmith London. The following are some of the most important reasons:

Experienced Team

Our team are very experienced when it comes to providing lock repair services throughout London, which means you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands with 24/7 Locksmith London.

We Care About Our Customers

At 24/7 Locksmith London, we genuinely care about all of our customers and vow never to rest until you’re back inside of your property, and we’ve completed our lock repair service.

Professional Locksmiths

We’re truly blessed with a fantastic team of lock repair experts here at 24/7 Locksmith London, all of whom strive to achieve perfection with our lock repair services.

Fully licensed Locksmiths

At 24/7 Locksmith London, we work with are fully licensed and provide high-quality products and services to suit your schedule. A professional locksmith in London offers you a high level of quality workmanship. We offer a full locksmith service, including 24-hour emergency service. We’ll have your faulty lock repaired or replaced in no time! Contact a locksmith in London today for effective lock repair services.

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