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Our service enables you 24-hour access to top-quality burglary door repairs. Our trusted local burglary repair experts can attend at your London premises within 30 minutes. If you recently experienced an attempted burglary and need emergency door lock repairs, or even a lock or door frame repair, call us 020 8123 8060. 24/7 Locksmith London offers 24/7 fast and reliable burglary repairs services. We can provide temporary boarding up and permanent burglary repair.

One of our fully skilled technicians can promptly attend your location to provide you with professional service, whether you require a same day door replacement or boarding up your damaged door or door frame. You can for example get a new titan steel security door to improve your entrance’s security. In case any locks are damaged we can replace them too. Suppose a straightforward burglary repair using the materials we usually stock in our vehicles won’t be enough to provide a long term solution, and you need a door frame or emergency door replacement. In that case, we can re-attend the same or following working day to provide any required installations.

How to Deal With A Burglary

There are a few steps to take straight when you need a burglary repair:

  1. Stay calm

    Burglary can be a traumatic event, but it already happened, and to get stressed about it won’t do any good, so trying to relax and stay focused would be the first step.

  2. Contacting your landlord (if you are in charge, go to step 3)

    The first step would be to contact the person in charge of the premises. If you have a landlord, getting in contact with them would be the first course of action.

  3. Calling the police

    Call the police and report the burglary. After calling the police, you can already contact the locksmith or glazier to check for prices and availability, but bear in mind you’ll need to have the police take fingerprints and make necessary assessments before inviting the locksmith services for burglary repairs. You don’t want to invite the locksmith over before having the police inspect the property. If you have the locksmith/glazier waiting for the police to finish the inspections, you might need to pay them for the extra waiting time until all checks are over.

  4. Contact the insurance

    Once you have the report from the police and your property secured by the locksmith/glazier, contact your insurer. You might need to provide them with proof, so keep any records made by the police and get an invoice for the burglary repair caused by the tradespeople.

  5. Have your burglary repaired permanently

    Whether the insurance will cover your burglary emergency burglary repairs or not, you do not wish to keep leaving in an unsecured property. Therefore have your locks and emergency door repairs done and adequately secured. If needed, have your door replaced and do all that it takes to prevent any future burglary.

Our Burglary Repair Services In London

Door boarding after a break-in

Have you been a victim of a break-in? Was there a break-in attempt? Do you need to get your door fixed right away? Do you require a short-term emergency solution to keep your property safe?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve arrived at the correct spot. We provide a 24-hour door boarding/repair service, which means you can phone us at any time of day or night, and we’ll come out and repair your door so you can sleep well at night.

After burglary, lock installations

If your property has been broken into, the burglar is likely to have caused damage by forcing entrance through a door or window or even by breaking or snapping your lock. In these situations, it is critical to make the property secure. We can fix your door and make sure it’s safe with a working lock.

Frame and Door Repairs or Replacements

While on-site, we will measure up and take all the required details, so if you need your broken door replaced, we can provide you with a detailed commitment-free quote. The quote will be 100% obligation-free. You can use it as a reference or pass it on to your landlord or home insurance, so they consider how to go about providing you with a permanent solution. Your building insurance should usually cover any burglary repairs.

As a result, you have the right to have a same day door replacement (temporary door) installed while a duplicate of your original door is being produced, and your insurance will pay both doors’ costs.

We can install any door, door frame or lock. We can install solid hardwood doors or beautiful security steel doors. We do not install panelled doors since they are weaker and less secure than solid doors. Instead, we provide doors with beading to resemble panelled doors.

At 24/7 Locksmith London, we’re committed to creating the best, most durable, and most attractive security steel doors on the market. As another option, we can provide and install our solid steel door in any colour or style you choose, and we can even build custom designs.

These steel doors will not warp or decay, and they will require far less care than a traditional wooden door and frame. This steel door has the look of a high-end wooden door, yet it’s built to last like a safe vault.

It is critical to have a secure door and locks fitted, particularly after a break-in. We will also advise you to keep best your home secured in the future and carry out any installations if you’d like us to. Our qualified and friendly team can address any concern you may have most professionally.

Fast lock, door or Key replacement services

After a break-in, we repair both your broken locks and doors. We understand that when you need a burglary repair, time is of importance. Thus our emergency door and lock replacement service are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We also provide a quick and dependable key replacement service across the capital. You can trust our quality and expertise since we are a Safe Contractor authorised contractor.

Accessories, locks, and doors Delivered and installed!

You won’t have any hassle with us, and all of your problems will be gone. We provide high-quality locks, professional locksmith labour and attractive accessories. We have experienced locksmiths that can give security evaluations and then install or update your locks. From the installation date, the locks, labour, and accessories are covered by a one-year guarantee. For emergency burglary repair at the best prices, contact us 24 hours at 020 8123 8060.

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How To Prevent A Burglary

From what we’ve seen so far in business, if a burglar desperately wants to get into a property, then they can probably succeed. However, burglaries are preventable for most standard burglars (unlike those you see in James bond movies). Most burglars today are young people that seek around for a door or window that looks easy enough to break open. Whether you want to prevent a burglary or you’ve been unfortunate to suffer one, we have some tips that can help you avoid this type of incident.

When in need of preventing burglaries or stepping up your security status after a break-in, it is crucial that you:

  • Upgrade to British Standard. Install BS3621 locks, good window locks, etc. This is also important to comply with your insurance requirements.
  • Install security grilles. Nothing is more complicated to break than suitable quality security grilles and gates.
  • Request professional locksmith services to inspect your home. They have access to the latest security products as well as the expertise to ensure that your premises are adequately secured.
  • Read helpful tips online on how to secure your property and follow them.

Burglaries in London – Some Statistics

According to available data issued by the Metropolitan Police Crime data, 96,181 burglaries have been reported in London in the past year. Nearly 3,000 more than the year before. Out of which, an average of 10% are business robberies, and the rest are residential. The rate of break-ins is becoming alarmingly high. Keep safe!

Why Choose Us For Burglary Repairs In London

24/7 Locksmith London is a seasoned security and locksmith firm. We provide services across Greater London, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are proud of our devoted team of competent and courteous employees. Our locksmiths are stationed across the city in essential places to respond quickly to emergency calls.

Since 2009, we’ve been a London’s locksmith firm, with many of our employees having even more years of expertise as professional locksmiths and security professionals. With our team’s combined knowledge, skill, and experience, we can provide unique, cost-effective solutions right to your door.

We serve both the home and business populations in Greater London with a wide range of services. The public can use the services at any time. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We like assisting customers in need of a better locksmith or security service. We make every effort to satisfy both your needs within your budget.

The demands of our customers are always our first concern at 24/7 Locksmith London. Every satisfied customer means the world to us. You will be happy and safe after using our locksmith services.

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