At 24/7 Locksmith London, we can assist you if you need to change or replace the window locks on your home, apartment, flat, cottage or business premises. If you recently moved into a new house, you should first replace the locks. The same situation happens with new business premises. You could also wish to update your locks to meet insurance requirements, or you might need to replace them due to damage.

This is the safest approach to ensure your property’s initial layer of security. With reputable locksmiths who are accredited and insured, we have been serving London for over ten years. Well trained and with valuable experience in the trade, we can solve diverse situations. Our team will not only be able to help you with window locks and repairs, but we’re also able to help you if you’re locked out if you need the door locks changed. We can provide door repair or burglary repair, with knowledge offer different types of doors, including uPVC doors. We can also share our expertise in helping you to improve your building’s security.

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The Importance of Window Security Locks

Regrettably, window security is frequently ignored. This is a truth that most thieves take advantage of! A high number of burglaries in London occur due to windows being left unlocked or even wide open. Intruders may be enticed by even leaving windows ajar in the locked position. An opportunistic thief can get in and out of a property without being discovered in minutes if they identify a mistake.

Choosing the right Window Lock

You may safeguard your windows in a variety of ways. We are specialists in window security locks and can recommend the finest window locks for your needs. We install a variety of window security locks that are appropriate for various window types. The following factors determine the type of window lock you choose:

  • Window materials: Wood, UPVC, Composite or Aluminium
  • The window design
  • The type of window lock you prefer

Security Grilles for Windows/Doors that Collapse

When open, retractable security grilles can be covered behind drapes. They’re perfect for patio window security since they give a high level of protection and prevent thieves from smashing the glass. They have a three-point locking system that is both secure and high-quality. They’re the best approach to keep thieves out of windows.

Why Should You Replace Your Window Locks?

When it comes to window locks, it’s crucial to replace them when:

  • Keys have gone missing or have been stolen.
  • You’ve just moved into a new house, and you never know who could have the keys!
  • You’ve been robbed.
  • You have home contents insurance coverage. You’ll need locks that the insurance company has authorised. You should update your window locks to prevent break-ins if they’re not compliant with the policy.

Commercial and Residential Window Locks

For both commercial and residential premises, window safety locks are equally as vital as front door locks, for example. They’re necessary for security and safety. All windows must have key-controlled locks, according to insurance providers. All the mechanisms require maintenance over time, and with usage, their functionality can be compromised. We can also provide you with the correct maintenance and lock repairs, being sometimes possible to recover full functionality with a window lock repair, for example.

Our Lock Installation Services in London

Let’s face it, and it’s uncommon to have difficulties with window locking systems very often. But when it does happen, it’s exasperating. Don’t worry, since 24/7 Locksmith London has you covered in any lock-related emergency. We work with professionals who will not only fix your door or window problem but will also offer expert advice on any property security concerns you may have. These are some of the services we offer:

Changing the lock on your door

Whether you’ve moved to a new property and need a new lock, or you want to improve the security of your property, we’ve got you covered!

Replacement of an emergency lock

We can help you with property lockouts, missing keys, faulty lock mechanisms, a damaged key within the lock, break-ins and other emergencies.

Sash Window Lock Installation

Sliding sash windows are highly vulnerable to forced access and are frequently insecure because they are only equipped with sash fasteners, not locks!

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Window Lock Upgrades

Whether you want to alter the locking system on your sash windows or if one of your sash window locks is stuck or broken, we can help you find a solution. Improve your house or workplace security with a lock update, which is skillfully completed while keeping your insurance rate low. We have a wide variety of security sash window locks and sash stoppers available for replacement and installation.

Sash stops are secured to the insurance standard by screwing into the wooden window. They’re easy to use with the included key, and they’re a great way to keep your sash windows secure. We can replace your present window locks as well as install fresh new sash window locks and stoppers. Sash lock windows can be fully locked, fully unlocked, or partially limited in three different ways. Sash window stoppers may be added at any height to allow your windows to open a couple of inches or more. Brass and chrome finishes are offered for sash lock window locks and stoppers.

Window Security Locks for UPVC

We are professionals in installing UPVC security locks and have a variety of high-quality UPVC window locks to suit various demands and budgets. From window restrictors to sash stops to key-driven handle locks, key-operated locks come in various styles. Our knowledgeable locksmiths can discuss the benefits and drawbacks of various window safety locks for your specific windows.

Replacement of Window Locks

There are several instances where you should change the locks on your windows if you already have them. If you’re looking for replacement window locks, our team are equipped with a wide selection of high-quality locks. With our same-day window lock service, we can replace locks swiftly and effectively.

Lock replacement service for keyed alike locks

Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages when taking this option… however, if you want to unlock all doors with a single key, we can assist!

Tenant eviction locksmith service

If you’ve reached the point when you need to “kindly” show your renters the door by changing the lock, call us for a smooth eviction locksmith service!

Why should you choose our lock installation or repair/replacement services?

London Window Locksmith Expertise

Window locks are something we deal with regularly as an MLA authorised, qualified, and experienced locksmith. Window lock replacement is not a job for a novice and should be left to a professional locksmith. To ensure that your locks fulfil the criteria of your insurance policy, the locksmith who installs them must be competent and educated. A Master Locksmith approves and supervises all 24/7 Locksmith London window lock installations. If you’re concerned about the security of your home or business windows, give us a call for a free security survey, consultation, and quotation. We have little overhead as independent locksmiths and therefore offer very affordable rates for high-quality products and services.

Qualified and well-equipped locksmiths

Your lock installation will be done by a highly skilled local locksmith who has been thoroughly verified for his qualifications before joining our team of professionals. The expert will arrive completely prepared for the task, with equipment and high-quality door/window hardware. He’ll take the proper dimensions, make any necessary adjustments to the lock, and install it correctly for you. Instead of attempting to pick the adequate locking system on your own, contact us and hire a reputed locksmith near you to save time and bother. You may rely on us at any time for a rapid, safe, and high-quality lock repair/replacement or fresh door lock installation service. Our experts usually carry a broad range of locks and replacement components from recognised manufacturers that satisfy the BS3621 standard. To finish the task successfully and to your satisfaction, the specialist will consider the condition and kind of door/window configuration he will be working with.

24/7 Emergency Lock Replacement Services

Getting locked out in London, whether you’ve damaged the key inside the lock or misplaced it by accident, is never a pleasant experience. Imagine this happening outside of work hours to add to the annoyance! This is where 24/7 Locksmith London may come to the rescue! We provide emergency lock services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so that you may get in touch with us straight away. We’ll dispatch a nearby technician, who will often come within half an hour of your call. Your insurance-approved lock will be expertly changed and installed in no time.

Fully insured and guaranteed locksmith services

Last but not least, you can rest assured that a 6-month guarantee covers your lock installation or repair/replacement service on the completed work. The technicians also hold Public Liability Insurance, which means that you’ll be covered in every possible mishap scenario if needs be.

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